How to Make
Affiliate Marketing Merge
Work For You…
The Greater Burlington Area


This Site Is For

Small INDEPENDENT Retail Business Owners



What I Do For My Customers


  • I become an affiliate of your independent sub-contractor...responsible for my own tax payments, insurance, retirement, and sick pay programs!  NOT AN EMPLOYEE!


  • I then either a) take over or b) create your email department and guaranty to operate it properly as your profit center.


  • I put permission-based marketing to work with your customer base. Frequently this becomes your first documented client / customer database. You own this database!!


  • I segment your list into meaningful sub-categories.


  • I focus on the power of direct response advertising, (its created to bring immediate, measurable results.)


  • I merge  education-based email marketing in order to inform and encourage your customers to give you more business.


  • I do all this for pennies on your advertising dollars. Occasionally for less than $12 a week.*

                          * See my CUSTOM Basement Bargain Service details.


What You (a S.I.R.B.O.) Can Expect


  • The Rekindling of HOPE for MORE Business MORE Often


  • Peace of Mind from outsourcing your eMail Department to a LOCAL (Greater Burlington, Vt. Area) Caring and Qualified Professional


  • Competitive Equality that comes from a leveled playing field with the big chains


If this old dog can learn this new trick (e-commerce)

Then you can too!  (With my help...)

If you’re like me – you’ll want to develop your affiliate marketing merge ability in sequential steps.  

Merging what you already know & do

(you know a lot more than you may think!)

into a capacity for developing a variety of proactive cash flow streams

over time, both offline (locally) and online.

The very best way to do this is affiliating with me so that together we can use i Contact 4 u to make, organize, and maintain lists for meaningful, regular contact with your customers.   


The reason we're meeting here on my website!


In today's economy, e-biz knowledge is not just a "want to learn," but a "must-have" skill set for building your future security and happiness.

Admittedly my expertise is in local direct sales and marketing.  But technology has shrunk the world and through the medium of the internet local now has a whole new meaning!


Let’s talk!

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Mike Simard

Simard Sales Agency, LLC