Best Caps By The Inch

Can They Really Eliminate The Need For Custom Caps?

Best Caps By The Inch are New England Chimney Supply's newest industry innovation. At the end of the day this improvement eliminates the need for custom caps.

Tired of Two Week Turn Arounds

During busy season for custom caps?

Tired of Paying

Through The Nose

during any season for custom caps?

New England Chimney Supply

Now Stocks MULTI-FLUE Hinged Caps


From a screen size of 9" X 9" to 41" x 93"

That's 2,688

Best Caps By The Inch

All available in 4 Heights ( 8", 10", 12" & 18")


• Most ship the same day.

• All priced as standard size caps.

• Quick turn-around means less scheduling headaches.

For Custom Sizes @ Standard Prices

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