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750ml  All Varieties



$8.99 ( $3 SAVINGS)   



1.5 liter  All Varieties



$9.99 ( $5 SAVINGS )

Jacob's Creek Shiraz

750 ml  All Varieties



$5.99 ( $3 SAVINGS )

IBAR Wine of the Month -January 

Pennywise- Petite Syrah

This Highly Ratedwine has been the talk of the town since it made its debut. With aninteresting name, bottle and best of all, it is an amazing taste at avery fair price! 

Description:silky fruit forward flavors of black raspberry, strawberry, and candiedblueberries. The second sip shows you the depth of this wine, withnotes of tobacco leaf, French roast coffee, and blackberry compotesmuggling even more fruit that shines throughout this blend. This is abrilliant berry explosion that holds its ground with round tannins,palates and all qualities for a quality wine.

Price:$ 15.99                                     ( $3 SAVINGS )

750 ml  All Varieties


Save $5.00
Take $5.00 off when you spend $50.00 or more before taxes at I B A R.
Coupon is valid on non sale items only. .
Not Valid on Beer or Tobacco Products
Offer Expires: April 5th 2011
  Print out this coupon and redeem by signing the back and returning it to the cashier.


Yellow Tail 2/$10.00
GnarlyHead  750ML $7.99
MorganCotes du Crows 750ML $11.29
ChocovineDessert Wine $6.99
The Crusher 750ML $9.49
        Pinot Noir, PetiteSirah & Viggnier  
HobNob  750ML $8.99
        Chard, Shiraz,
        CabernetSauvignon, Merlot
Brazin OldVine Zinfandel 750ML $11.99
Mark WestPinot Noir 750ML $8.49
Lodi 181Merlot 750ML $8.49
CavitPinot Grigio 1.5 L $9.99 Save $5.00
SutterHome White Zinfandel 1.5 L $8.49
Louis MMartini Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML $9.99 Save $6.00
KendallJackson  Chardonnay Vintus 750ML $10.49
Beringer Chardonnay  750ML $8.49
ZardettoProsecco 750ML $12.29
TomasEstates Pinot Grigio 750ML $8.49
Sassy Bitch 750ML $7.99
        Pinot Noir &Chardonnay
Barefoot 1.5 L $8.99
        All Varietals
LaCremaChardonnay 750ML $17.79 Save $5.20
SourverainCabernet Sauvignon 750ML $12.19 Save $10.80
St.Francis Old Vine Zinfandel 750ML $14.99 Save $6.00
F. CoppolaRosso / Shiraz 750ML $8.49 Save $4.50
GasconMalbec 750ML $9.99 Save $5.00
RedBicyclette 750ML $8.49 Save $3.50
        Syrah, Chardonnay& Merlot
StraccalliTuscany Chianti 1.5 L $15.99 Save $3.00
Fat Bastard 750ML $10.29 Save$1.70
        All Varietals
Bud Family 30pk Cans $19.99 +deposit + tax
MillerLite, Coors Light & Labatt 18pks $14.49 +deposit + tax
MillerLite, Coors Light & Labatt 30pks $19.99 +deposit + tax
MillerHigh Life 30pks $16.99 +deposit + tax
PabstBlue Ribbon 30pks $17.99 +deposit + tax
RollingRock 12pks $9.99 +deposit + tax Save $2.00
LongTrail  12pks $12.99
        All Varietals
MikesHard Lemonade 6 pkBottles $6.99 +deposit + tax
        All Varietals
Tilt 24oz cans $1.99 +deposit + tax
Bud& Bud Light 24oz cans $1.79 +deposit + tax

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