Keelers Bay Variety Take Out Menu For
2012 - Summer's Menu

Welcome to our new menu -Keeler's Bay Variety Take Out Menu for 2012 AND this


Enjoy Your (Summer) Season in the Islands!

KBV Take Out Menu a
KBV Take Out Menu b1
KBV Take Out Menu b2

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As always, don't forget to call ahead 372-4465 if you're in a hurry and want to save time.

Pick the menu items you'd like for your occasion (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and we'll have them ready for you by the time you arrive!

If you need to shop, instead of calling ahead, consider placing your menu order when you arrive, then go about your shopping and have your take out ready when you check out!!

Once Again...

Thank you so much for your continued business!

Here's To a Happy, & Safe Summer Season!

Gail & Mark Horne

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