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The A. M. M.  Blog is a mini-journal about merging your marketing with Simard Sales Agency's affiliate marketing for your benefit locally website.

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Keelers Bay Variety Fliers

Keelers Bay Variety Fliers available weekly with big store-like savings...

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Red Apple Storage

Red Apple Storage began humbly with canopies...

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Join Keelers Bay Variety's Savings for Seniors

Join Keelers Bay Variety Savings for Seniors 60+

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Keelers Bay Variety Take Out Menu

Keelers Bay Variety Take Out Menu is new and now available...

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Best Caps By The Inch

Best Caps By The Inch eliminates the need for custom caps

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Sweeps-Risk-Free-Profits will help you prosper in these economic times...

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Island Beverage Specials for this month

Island Beverage Specials for the month

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Island Beverage Wine Beer and Quallity Meats

Island Beverage Wine / Beer & Quality Meats Saves You Money,..

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