Affiliated Marketing

The Basics for The Greater Burlinton Area

This page, Affiliated Marketing the Basics for the Greater Burlington Area, is going to be about merging marketing & promoting the products and services of our combined companies ...

Affiliate marketing in the purest sense is primarily, a method of making money together!

It encompasses a “Pay for Performance” mentality. (results based)

It is promoting the products and/or solutions of our established companies.

Once I deliver your prospect / customer* to you,
your job is then to sell / re-sell them your proven successful product / services.

*A prospect being someone ready to buy or ready to perform the desired result of the understanding you (the client) have with the Simard Sales Agency!

Based on my direct sales & emotional response marketing experiences (40+ yrs. now) Affiliate Marketing Merge for the Greater Burlington Area - is really about how I deliver that prospect.

This will be the most pressing challenge for me to excel at!

Hint their frame of mind is my job as your affiliate marketer!

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