Red Apple Storage of Brandon Vermont

Red Apple Storage located just a mile south of downtown Brandon Vt. had it's humble beginnings with portable canopies. That was some 9+ years ago. TODAY our focus is on helping you with cargo storage.

That's because we're ALL ABOUT CARGO STORAGE


Cargo Storage Starts with Truck Caps

Both New AND USED!

Vermont Truck Caps

Cargo Carriers are ALL ABOUT CARGO STORAGE too!

We've Grown

Dry space is also all about cargo storage!

We now offer over 45 storage solutions in 2 modern buildings designed to deliver safety & sheltered storage for our client's personal possessions.

Expansion Continues Into Truck Cargo Arena

Cargo Slides - THE ULTIMATE CARGO RETRIEVAL SYSTEM We have recognized today’s truck owners need to better manage the cargo space they have.

With a simple twist and pull of a spring release handle cargo can slide out handily and put an end to all that crawling, leaning and pulling to access sprawled out cargo.

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