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the time has come for you to monetize (start earning cash) for WHAT you know instead of or in addition to WHO you know?

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I'm Mike Simard editor of this Field Guide & Pathfinder electronic newsletter - e-zine !    

It is geared to helping you in your search for cash flow

from the sharing of your passion

both locally and with the world.


Get introduced to my collection of thoughts, philosophies, ideas and programs synchronized to this New Age

that will:

  • help you identify what you know (it's a lot more than you may think right now)


  • help you recognize the hobby or business that you're really in


  • help you realize that you can start your cash flow creation with just the ability to email and surf the web


  • help you gear your passion to today's tools


  • help you learn the principles and processes of merged offline and online success


The saying goes

"When the student is ready the teacher will show up!"   -- Anonymous

What I know

"Providing that you are coachable, you will succeed!"   -- M.J.S.( me)


I know because many of us have!

Now just...

Imagine how it will feel:

  • when your passion is your job

  • when you graduate from a paycheck mentality to

  • an additional paycheck mentality.

For example, how many paychecks do you currently get monthly? Is it 4 or 2 or 1?

Instead of 4 how would your lifestyle change if you now started getting 5 - an additional one every month?

Become a subscriber to the newsletter that delivers common sense content for your marketing merge success.


"The realities of this New Age require a new pattern of thinking for your financial success - as well as a new collection of principles, processes, and even tools."     --Mike Simard

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