What Is Marketing Exactly…

What is marketing? You hear the term so much!
Is it advertising?

Is it selling? How about promoting? Strategizing? Planning?

Textbooks say that marketing:
• is market research,
• it’s selecting a target,
• selecting products or/and services to sell,
• is pricing,
• is packaging,
• is customer service,
• is advertising,
• is publicity and much more.

Like the text says, it is all of the above BUT if you’re like me, you need a much simpler way to understand and execute your marketing.

Here’s THE ANSWER TO “what is marketing” that has worked for me.

Marketing is what I need to do to generate and especially keep customers!

Breaking it down even simpler, marketing is MANAGING LISTS about delivering / giving what people want!

The secret has been KEEPING TRACK OF "HOW" I genuinely help them.

Helping people pre-supposes that you are constantly in awareness mode searching to find what “your” people want!

It was crucial for me to turn the marketing text theories into a simple system. Long story short my system became one of building and managing lists WHILE KEEPING TRACK of my interactions with them. In the "old Days" I relied on manual (ugh!) systems. Today it's much simpler & rewarding. Thanks to technology it's much easier to track...

Lists of:
• suspects who might be interested
• qualified prospects
• new customers
• repeat customers
• devoted advocates

I discovered that as long as my lists were growing I could make any number of mistakes and my business would not only survive but grow and expand as well. As long as my cash flow was intact & growing I could hire specialists to rectify any and all of my mistakes!

Today,marketing has evolved! It hasn’t changed mind you but to many people the versions seem overbearing.

Marketing versions:
• Affiliated
• Attraction
• Education
• Information
• Internet
• Network
• Permission-based
• Viral
• Merge (my favorite concept)

Regardless of the version it’s still all about getting and keeping customers.

You will be hard pressed to come up with any other 2 actions that will more dramatically and in a short time, if not immediately, improve your cash flow.

The only other caveat is to make sure that your sales efforts are always connected to your marketing. The two are inseparable in my opinion. And the 2 will most quickly turn any situation you find yourself in COMPLETELY around!

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